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Technology has made learning much easier. In fact, the internet now gives us the ability to find online painting classes by just pressing a button. But the main question in people’s minds is how we can tell whether we are getting a class that gives us what we need. It is important to understand the essence of an online painting class. It should be one that impacts us with painting techniques and skills.

An artist paintingBefore, the average person used to judge the value of a class by looking at how good the painting instructions are or how impressive the photograph of the finished painting is. But that has changed, and there is more to an online art class than what you just see with your eyes.

Asking a friend or looking for referrals may not be the best way to select an online painting class. Art comes from within, and a class you connect with is the best class. Here is a look at some of the things you need to consider to help you make a decision that will push you forward on your painting journey.

Class objectives

This is the first thing you need to consider as you look for an online painting class. Does the description of the class outline the class objective even as you narrow down your search? If this is not clear, then it is important that you communicate with the instructor and ask questions for clarification purpose. This is something to consider so that you can have an understanding of what you are signing up to learn.

Support offered by the instructor for the online painting classes

When looking for an online painting class, do they provide online support from the instructors? If not, then that may not be the best place to learn painting. A good class should be one that gives you direct feedback from the instructor, and this should be one on one. A class format that’s based on watching videos alone may not be the best for you especially if you have never been in a painting class.

Check for forums and communities

A cup of paintbrushesIf the online painting class will provide you with some form of discussion or follow-up community interactions with the teachers, then this is a class you should consider signing up with. Such sessions allow the teacher to show you the work of other students in your class so that you can gauge your progress and see what you are up against. Forums also help students build their confidence and learn from the instructor feedback and the works of other students.


Then it goes without saying that you must consider the cost of the school. What does the board charge and are there any hidden costs? You should find out what an average student pays and for how long you will pay before clearing your classes. You wouldn’t want to stop attending classes simply because you have run out of funds. It is always important to work with a budget when choosing an online painting class.