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Drawings communicate so much while at the same time eliminating the use of words. How far you can communicate is highly dependent on how detailed and fine your drawings are. You may not be good at drawing but you need not worry. You can develop this talent with the help of online platforms that reach how to perfect drawing.

Whether you are looking at professional drawing or simply looking to fulfill a desire or perfect your hobby, you will find the following best places to learn drawing online. These websites offer varying courses to suit the different needs, wants, likes, and preferences of different artists.
About.com Drawing/sketching

About.com Drawing/sketching


This website offers beginner drawing lessons starting from the most basic concept such as how to hold a pencil to leaving an outstanding complete drawing. It offers guides on drawing as well as overall art. This is a great site to help you get started as well as enhance on various projects of your choice. It also advises beginners on drawing and how best to go about it.

Sketch up


Just as the name suggests, this site offers great step-by-step tutorial videos on how to sketch with the objective of leaving a 3-D effect. Google offers a free software will help you meet this goal. This software has many videos that are easy to follow so you can perfect your sketches. With this, you are on your way to updating your sketches into the 21st century.

Uncle Fred


Uncle Fred has a niche market targeting the young artists. You can have your kids grow their talent from a young age. It provides easy to follow tutorials for your kids to draw cartoons. To help capture kids’ attention, the site is fun and indulging so your kid(s) can have fun. It offers specific steps for drawing specific characters on its site.
How to draw cartoons online

How to draw cartoons online


This website is specific to cartoon lovers. It offers diverse styles and techniques that will help you bring out the best of your cartoon characters. It is ideal for both beginners as well as intermediate artists. You can be the next Charles M. Schulz with this website. Navigating the site is easy for right about anyone. It is exciting, engaging, and clear.
Art graphica

Art graphica


This website offers some free as well as paid programs to help individuals make the best from drawing. You will be able to not only draw but also paint as well as sketch. This is a handy website for those looking to explore boundaries. This site will not only get you started but it will also turn you into a pro.

Draw space


Draw space is a great site to learn how to draw as a beginner as well as offers courses for intermediate as well as advanced drawers. In this, this is an all rounded site that will guide you through to perfection. It is recommended for individuals looking to make a career from drawing. This is because it offers a wider variety of illustrations. The courses will teach you how to draw cartoons, faces, and figures, as well as illustrations.

Now Get Out and Learn to Draw!

Man drawing a woman's face

The above are the best places to learn drawing online. They are diverse with the aim of fulfilling your objectives. These sites offer easy to follow tutorials to help beginners to understand what drawing is all about. Some are free while others require a fee as you advance.


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