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Technology has made learning much easier. In fact, the internet now gives us the ability to find online painting classes by just pressing a button. But the main question in people’s minds is how we can tell whether we are getting a class that gives us what we need. It is important to understand the essence of an online painting class. It should be one that impacts us with painting techniques and skills.

An artist paintingBefore, the average person used to judge the value of a class by looking at how good the painting instructions are or how impressive the photograph of the finished painting is. But that has changed, and there is more to an online art class than what you just see with your eyes.

Asking a friend or looking for referrals may not be the best way to select an online painting class. Art comes from within, and a class you connect with is the best class. Here is a look at some of the things you need to consider to help you make a decision that will push you forward on your painting journey.

Class objectives

This is the first thing you need to consider as you look for an online painting class. Does the description of the class outline the class objective even as you narrow down your search? If this is not clear, then it is important that you communicate with the instructor and ask questions for clarification purpose. This is something to consider so that you can have an understanding of what you are signing up to learn.

Support offered by the instructor for the online painting classes

When looking for an online painting class, do they provide online support from the instructors? If not, then that may not be the best place to learn painting. A good class should be one that gives you direct feedback from the instructor, and this should be one on one. A class format that’s based on watching videos alone may not be the best for you especially if you have never been in a painting class.

Check for forums and communities

A cup of paintbrushesIf the online painting class will provide you with some form of discussion or follow-up community interactions with the teachers, then this is a class you should consider signing up with. Such sessions allow the teacher to show you the work of other students in your class so that you can gauge your progress and see what you are up against. Forums also help students build their confidence and learn from the instructor feedback and the works of other students.


Then it goes without saying that you must consider the cost of the school. What does the board charge and are there any hidden costs? You should find out what an average student pays and for how long you will pay before clearing your classes. You wouldn’t want to stop attending classes simply because you have run out of funds. It is always important to work with a budget when choosing an online painting class.

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Drawing the lines, curves, and contours of the human figure is, for almost every artist, an important part of the creative process. It’s also an exercise done best from a live model — a live nude model who is a short distance away from the artist’s easel.

Who poses nude for these drawing sessions? Well, anyone, including you, if it’s a job that interests you. Working as a live art model is, for many individuals, a way to earn a decent hourly wage (often $15-$20 per hour) for work that is fairly low stress. Of course, to work as a model, you need to be comfortable with your naked body. This does not mean that you need to be in peak physical condition, however, since artists often want to draw all types of human bodies. You’ll also need to be able to stand still for long periods of time in specific poses, sometimes as long as three hours (with breaks, of course), and be comfortable with dozens of eyes carefully examining every square inch of your body.

How can you work as a live art model? Read on.

Colleges & Universities

Colleges and universitiesMany public and private colleges and universities have art departments, and those art departments offer life drawing classes for which live models are needed. If you’re a student looking for work as a live art model, you might visit the art department to inquire about live model jobs; if you’re not a student, call or email to inquire about positions. Larger institutions typically employ a model coordinator who hires and schedules models, and you will probably be referred to this person. While a resume is not always required for a model job, it’s a good idea to have one.

The great thing about live model jobs at colleges and universities is that art classes typically run throughout the year: fall, spring, and summer semesters. Plus, life drawing is a cornerstone of any art department, and at larger schools, several sections are offered each semester. Live models are always needed, which means working for a college or university art department could be a good and steady source of income.

Art Museums & Artists

Man drawing a woman's faceJust like colleges and universities, many art museums offer life drawing classes as well. Check with the education department of the art museum near you to find out if such classes are held. Or, individual artists and drawing groups often employ live models for their work. Photographers are another option, but only if you’re comfortable with nude photos of yourself being out in the world. (They are usually tasteful, but it’s still a photo of your body.) You can often get connected with these individuals and groups through your local art museum. Again, have a resume on hand in case you are asked to provide one.

Beware of Scams

Unfortunately, there are some jobs listings that advertise for live art models but are really just scams. Before you agree to take off your clothes for a modeling session, whether you’re male or female, go for a visit and make sure you feel comfortable in the environment. If an individual artist wants to hire you for a private session, ask to see some of his or her work beforehand. And finally, if you ever feel unsafe in a live modeling situation, then leave; your personal safety and security takes priority over getting paid.

Good Luck!

There are lots of opportunities to work as a live art model, and if you know where you find them, you might land a job quickly. Polish your resume, make some calls or some visits, and block out your availability. With some persistence and perhaps a little luck, you should find a live art model position soon.

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Drawings communicate so much while at the same time eliminating the use of words. How far you can communicate is highly dependent on how detailed and fine your drawings are. You may not be good at drawing but you need not worry. You can develop this talent with the help of online platforms that reach how to perfect drawing.

Whether you are looking at professional drawing or simply looking to fulfill a desire or perfect your hobby, you will find the following best places to learn drawing online. These websites offer varying courses to suit the different needs, wants, likes, and preferences of different artists.
About.com Drawing/sketching

About.com Drawing/sketching


This website offers beginner drawing lessons starting from the most basic concept such as how to hold a pencil to leaving an outstanding complete drawing. It offers guides on drawing as well as overall art. This is a great site to help you get started as well as enhance on various projects of your choice. It also advises beginners on drawing and how best to go about it.

Sketch up


Just as the name suggests, this site offers great step-by-step tutorial videos on how to sketch with the objective of leaving a 3-D effect. Google offers a free software will help you meet this goal. This software has many videos that are easy to follow so you can perfect your sketches. With this, you are on your way to updating your sketches into the 21st century.

Uncle Fred


Uncle Fred has a niche market targeting the young artists. You can have your kids grow their talent from a young age. It provides easy to follow tutorials for your kids to draw cartoons. To help capture kids’ attention, the site is fun and indulging so your kid(s) can have fun. It offers specific steps for drawing specific characters on its site.
How to draw cartoons online

How to draw cartoons online


This website is specific to cartoon lovers. It offers diverse styles and techniques that will help you bring out the best of your cartoon characters. It is ideal for both beginners as well as intermediate artists. You can be the next Charles M. Schulz with this website. Navigating the site is easy for right about anyone. It is exciting, engaging, and clear.
Art graphica

Art graphica


This website offers some free as well as paid programs to help individuals make the best from drawing. You will be able to not only draw but also paint as well as sketch. This is a handy website for those looking to explore boundaries. This site will not only get you started but it will also turn you into a pro.

Draw space


Draw space is a great site to learn how to draw as a beginner as well as offers courses for intermediate as well as advanced drawers. In this, this is an all rounded site that will guide you through to perfection. It is recommended for individuals looking to make a career from drawing. This is because it offers a wider variety of illustrations. The courses will teach you how to draw cartoons, faces, and figures, as well as illustrations.

Now Get Out and Learn to Draw!

Man drawing a woman's face

The above are the best places to learn drawing online. They are diverse with the aim of fulfilling your objectives. These sites offer easy to follow tutorials to help beginners to understand what drawing is all about. Some are free while others require a fee as you advance.