Hey everyone, and welcome to BookArtWorld.com! My name’s Clark, and there’s kind of an interesting story behind this site.

Clark Bartel of BookArtWorld.comI studied a lot of art and art history in college, and this website used to be a collection of old art that I visited a lot in college. The collection mainly centered around color printing during a specific time frame, and the last time I went to check on it, it was no longer there!

So I decided to start my own website and change things up a little bit. Becoming an artist, and particularly making a living as an artist, can be pretty difficult. So I wanted to put together some resources, background info, and other interesting articles that you may not typically see on an art website.

I genuinely hope it helps you on your journey, and I’m here to help with anything if you need me! Feel free to contact me using this site’s contact page.